CPC Crypto DevCon | Cryptic 2018
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Professor Whitfield Diffie
Inventor of public key cryptography
Broader contributor to privacy

Research Lead at Algorand

Professor, UC Berkeley

Professor Jonathan Katz

Director at Maryland Cybersecurity Center

Professor at New York University

Research Lead at ThunderToken

Research Lead at Certik

Jon Choi

R&D at Ethereum Foundation

Senior R&D Manager at NEO Smart Economy

Nathan Wilcox

CTO at Zcash

Partner at Binance Labs

Blockchain Software Architect and Co-founder of Tendermint

Yuchen (Cassandra) Shi

Grant manager at Ethereum Community Fund

Steven Becker

Head Of Risk at MakerDAO

Niraj Pant

Research at Polychain Capital

Ali Yahya

Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Professor Shouchen Zhang

Leader, OBF

Michael Arrington

Partner at Arrington XRP Capital

Zhuo Wang

Director of NENT foundation

Steven Pu

Founder at Taraxa.io

Dan Kolkowitz

Tech advisor at QLC Chain

CEO and Co-founder at Nucypher

Kacper Bak

Senior Research Engineer at Quantstamp

Dongyan Wang

Chief AI Officer at DeepBrain Chain Inc.


Senior Software Engineer at Enigma MPC

Natalia Karayaneva

CEO and Founder at Propy Inc.

Dr. Mo Dong

Research Lead and Co-founder at Celer

Founder, Core Researcher and Developer, NKN

Co-founder at Reserve

CEO, Cortex

Co-Founder at Enigma

Roy Keene

Lead Developer at Nano

Professor Thomas Austin

Co-founder at 0 chain

Martin Stroka

Managing Director at Crypto Science

CTO, ThorToken

Tech Lead, POA

Research Lead at StrongSalt

Founder and CTO of 0x Protocol

Bharath Ramsundar

Co-Founder and CTO at Computable Labs

Co-founder and Managing Director at Jelurida

CEO of Nebula Cryto-Asset Custody

Chance Du

Project Lead at Coefficient Protocol

Jaeson Yoo

Chief Evangelist at AMO Labs

Jian Wang

Founder and CEO of Enotes

Nikil Viswanathan

Co-founder and CEO Alchemy

Kingsley Advani

Founder & Partner at Chainfund Capital


Date and Time

Mon, Jun 11, 2018, 10:00 AM –
Tue, Jun 12, 2018, 5:00 PM PDT



Computer History Museum
1401 North Shoreline Boulevard
Mountain View, CA 94043
United States


In the past, people have relied on trusted third parties to facilitate the transactions that define our lives: how we store medical records, where we get our news, how we share information about ourselves with scientists and advertisers, and how we communicate. Advances in distributed systems and cryptography allow us, in principle, to eschew such parties. Today, we can create a global, irrefutable ledger of transactions, events, and diagnoses, such that “rewriting history” is computationally infeasible. Our goal is to explore the consequences of contracts and promises written in mathematical ink. For example, these ledgers (and related cryptographic primitives) may empower individuals to have more control over their personal data and its use by others, including social networks, industry, the healthcare system, and scientists. Our Initiative is an open, highly connected place for everyone on campus, across the different departments and schools.

The Stanford Distributed Trust Initiative is a university-wide multi-disciplinary program with the following goals:

  • Bring together Stanford expertise in cryptography, big data, privacy, health, sensors and devices, and economics
  • Provide a forum for discussing and setting future directions of distributed trust and identity
  • Foster collaborations among Stanford researchers and industry
  • Provide a forum for the early communication of new results
  • Foster communication between industrial sectors
  • Push the forefront of real-world blockchain applications
  • Help to set standards for blockchains
  • Provide multi-dimensional training for students and postdocs



We are building a unique community of illustrious cryptography and security advisors, researchers and innovative blockchain entrepreneurs who work on decentralize and distributed trust.

Cryptic Labs also functions as a unique accelerator focusing exclusively on security, privacy and trust to advance the viability of the blockchain. By combining cryptography and related security researchers with blockchain practitioners and startups, we have the opportunity to perform a great service to the community and the world in general.

To companies in our accelerator we offer collaboration on research, talent acquisition and mentorship. We act as a bridge between university, venture capital and industry in this global exchange of ideas and resources

The vision of Cryptic Labs, more practically the people’s lab, is a distributed research institute where any citizen on earth can propose research topics in blockchain, distributed systems, and cryptography and participate in them. As well, anyone can propose education topics, teach and take classes, ask and answer questions on the platform


CPC, founded by Stanford affiliates in April 2015, is devoted to connecting early stage startups with the top VCs and CVCs in the Silicon Valley, such as Sequoia, Greylock, NEA, Intel Capital, and many others. CPC currently has over 1,700 members. 121 companies in the field of AI, AR/VR, Fintech, Healthcare, Enterprise etc have pitched on our platform, with over $92 million raised to date.



Computer History Museum

1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043

Website: http://www.computerhistory.org


Stanford Faculty Club

439 Lagunita Dr, Stanford, CA 94305

Website: https://facultyclub.stanford.edu

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